Anal with Thai Escorts and Ladyboys

Bangkok Anal Escort

There are many Thai girls that love anal. In Bangkok you can find many Thai escorts that let guys fuck their ass. Of course, it always costs extra. Great things cost money! So pay the Thai lady for her ass!

Guys come due to pressure and stimulation on their cock. Guys love to try anal on a tight Thai girl or ladyboy, even if it is just once. If their cock is up their old lady or their girlfriend then its likely up her little pussy. They ask their girlfriends or wife to let them fuck their ass, but many women, especially those in relationships don’t feel they want to. So that’s where the escort comes in.

For the escort that gives anal it is good too. Anal is great because the guys cum from fucking the ass much quicker than fucking the pussy. I have had some clients that came as soon as they got 2 or three thrusts in my Thai ass they came deep in my ass.

Its a good service as it feeds their primal instincts and gives them a feeling of being powerful and dominant. $$$$

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