Hot and horny in BKK

Hot and Horny in BKK so many times! How many times have I been horny in Bangkok? A lot. I don’t know if it is the heat or the humidity, but I fucking love it here.

Thai women can be a lot of things, lovely, caring and submissive. Don’t let that fool you though. Many are the tales of of absolute psycho women.  even if you are the worlds nicest guy and wouldn’t cheat on your Thai girl in a million years, there are those Thai women that will think you are fucking every woman that moves. So, it is so much easier just to find a regular Thai freelancer to help you out in your times of need 🙂

By far the easiest bangs you will get will be from online and your best chance of meeting a good girl is from day game. There are, however, a few adjustments you will have to make to your day game approach. Remember to be more discreet as these Thai girls will be very shy and intimidated by a handsome foreign guy. I deal with this by using the business card technique to slip her my number without drawing attention.

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