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The Lives Of Thailand’s Sex Workers During COVID 19

The lives of Thailand’s, especially Bangkok’s sex works have changed a lot during COVID 19. Where to go to get anal, owo and great GFE in Bangkok?

Pimmy works at a go-go bar in Patpong. Until COVID 19 she had 2 maybe 3 customers a night paying 3000 baht for her short-time. It was a dream come true for the freelance escort from Isaan. A dream come true. Now the pandemic has put her dream and her family dream on hold. No more Farang. No more boom boom.

Pim is one of more than 1 million sex workers in Thailand, around 300000 hookers, escorts and freelances in Bangkok. Offering everything from anal sex, blow jobs,. threesomes or just the good old girlfriends experience, these people are out of work because of COVID restrictions and fear of the virus.

Working in the bars pays escorts and bar girls more than most office jobs they can get. Sex work lets them save money, buy themselves luxuries that those hiso people around them have and support their parents back home. Bar girls love their work. The bars are filled with farang who want a long time or short time booking with a hot Thai bar girl. At least that was until COVID 19 slowed sex work in Thailand. Especially sex work in Bangkok. Now many girls have gone freelance since lockdowns and no more farang sex buyers since March and April, 2020.

The problem is now that many expats living in Bangkok are looked up to pick up the slack of millions of farang not coming to the land of smiles for their Thai sex experience. For girls and guys used to making 3000 to 10000 baht every night to fuck white guys, this is a bitter pill to swallow. Not to mention the competition from massage girls in Bangkok, who were making much less even before the pandemic. A escort who got 2000 baht for a blowjob and 5000 for a fuck now has be in competition with the lady who gives cum in mouth blowjobs for 1000 baht and a fuck for 1500.

The lives of Thailand’s sex works have changed a lot during COVID 19. Come check out the freelancers offering anal, owo and great GFE in Bangkok here!

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